The dogs of Little Chena Kennel

The dogs of Little Chena Kennel are a mix of dogs who didn't make the teams of local Iditarod and Yukon Quest mushers, or who are retired from competitve racing or adopted through the Fairbanks animal shelter or through the Second Chance League. We don't breed our dogs (with the exception of one unplanned litter 10 years ago, which resulted in two puppies, both of whom are still with us, driving us nuts daily.)

OriginPlace in teamAgeQuirks
barneyBarneyBarney is one of the two pups from an unplanned litter in 2002. Parents are Ethel, from Chris Knott, and Arrow, from Aliy Zirkle. Swing or team 10Driven, always pulls hard. Perpetual motion machine in the yard; major tattletale
billie-jeanBillie JeanBillie Jean is one of our main leaders. She came from Aliy Zirkle in 2006. Lead11Smart, focused leader on the trail. Very hand-shy
freddieFreddieFreddie is another dog that came from Aliy Zirkle's yard. From a sprint yard in North Pole, Freddie never really fit in at Aliy's. Swing10A solid team dog. No nonsense. Very, very shy.
nuggetL.D.L.D. came from Dan Kaduce/Jodi Bailey in 2003. She made to Dawson with Dan and Rod on the Yukon Quest, but ran out of gas. Team13-14We retired L.D. several years ago due to arthritis in her shoulder. She has the run of the yard and house. She gets along with everyone.
billie-jeanNuggetNugget and Blue are brothers, but Nugget is 10 times smarter, if only half as fast as Blue. Leader13Nugget was a solid, if slow leader and total sweetheart. He's snoring at the bottom of the stairs right now.
zorroZorroZorro is a powerhouse, an Iditarod veteran and veteran of several winning mid-distance races with Allen Moore and Aliy Zirkle Leader/team11Zorro is a horse and tended to be injury-prone. Even at 11, he's one of the strongest dogs in the yard.
kittycatKitty CatYes, Kitty Cat is feline, not canine. Every musher has at least one critter they keep around for no apparent good reason, and Kitty Cat is ours. Team motivation and vole control8With only a couple of exceptions, the dogs are terrified of Kitty Cat.