Little Chena Kennel


The team comes home after a run in fresh snow. Rod Boyce photo

Welcome to our little dog and mosquito and moose-infested corner of the subarctic, beautiful downtown Two Rivers.

We live on the southern edge of nowhere. If you walk out our front door and turn 10 degrees to due north and start walking, you'll cross a couple of trails and logging roads and a two-lane gravel highway about 40 miles away. No houses, no megamalls, no Starbucks, nothing but muskeg, moose and mosquitoes until you run into the Arctic Ocean.

This site reflects my interests: Alaska, sled dogs, history and my 25 years as a journalist, writer and editor. I've included a few writing clips and other items that interest me. If it's not your cup of tea, consider it a really good insomnia cure, with a nice deep layer of dog hair to relax in.