Rule No. 1 of mushing

The first rule of mushing is to never let go of the sled. It helps to keep both hands on the sled's handlebars if a musher is to stay on the runners over difficult or uneven trail. But it's hard to hold a camera if you're holding on to the sled. Intrepid musher Rod Boyce said the heck with it and filmed a series of videos from the vantage point of the musher. Here are a few examples:

Giving 4-year-old Edie a ride from our dogyard in Two Rivers. Yes, my leader is
always that nuts on hookup.

Winter solstice run. The blue hue is the natural light of dusk in December
in Fairbanks.

Running a team across the lakes behind Two Rivers Lodge in February 2011.
Note: Any unsteadiness in the video is due to the musher holding on to the camera
with one hand and the sled with the other on an uneven trail.

Running the Dead Martin Loop behind Two Rivers Lodge in the deep snow
and bright sunshine of March. Heaven.